TAURUS GLOBAL ENERGY LLC is a Geophysical, Geological and Reservoir Management Consulting Company that grasps an integrated approach towards all the information available.

Our Mission is to develop compressive workflows to provide the clearest data intepretation and integration in order to maximize the asset´s value, optimizing the economic decisions.

Our Commitment with the client is to provide fully integrated interpretations of data where all the elements are used together in order to supply our client with a very comprehensive approach in a detailed and regional context.


TAURUS GLOBAL ENERGY LLC offers and implements proven effective and innovative interpretation techniques such as:

  • Fully Integrated 2D/3D Interpretations
  • Detail and Regional mapping
  • Well Seismic Ties
  • Structure & Stratigraphic Mapping
  • Isochron & Isopach Mapping
  • Detail and Regional Velocity Model Building
  • Coherency Cube
  • Fault Analysis
  • Depth Conversion
  • Amplitude Anomaly Analysis
  • Seismic Attribute Analysis
  • AVO / Fluid Detection
  • Resources Calculation & Risk Analysis
  • Advance Seismic Visualization
  • Prospect Delineation & Risk Analysis
  • New Well Locations & Prognosis
  • Reserves Calculation

Taurus Global Energy LLC offers and implement effective interpretation techniques such as:

  • Reservoir management
  • Reserves & Resources estimation and validation
  • Enhanced full field development plans
  • Operations and production improvement strategies
  • Waterflooding and other enhanced recovery studies
  • Artificial lift system definition and optimization
  • Potential infill drilling and workover proposals
  • Decline curve analysis, material balance and integrated simulation studies
  • Well testing and pressure analysis
  • Well abandonment plans

By integration we mean the process of achieving unity of effort among the various subsystems in the accomplishment the understanding of the petroleum system


 | Owner and CEO

Geoscientist with more than 38 years of experience in development and exploration. He has worked for several companies as an employee and consultant, participating in farm-in, farm-out, performing regional studies and detailed evaluations in Latin America and worldwide. Also, managing portfolios, field surveillance plans, strategy delineation plans and business plan execution, design and acquisition seismic and processing campaigns.


 | Head of Reservoir Management

Petroleum Engineer with over 21 years of experience in exploration and development. He worked in implementing reservoir development projects, performing and managing integrated field studies, as well as business development and asset management. Skills and experience in conventional and unconventional reservoirs (Permian and Vaca Muerta), business and portfolio planning, reserves-resources estimation, asset management, risk analysis.


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